LETZServ is a service company that provides, among others:
  • Physical preparation (general or specific)
  • Race preparation (trail, triathlon, half marathon and marathon)
  • Tennis Training
  • Sports training courses
  • Lectures for coaches, parents or decision makers involved in sport
  • Council and Coaching for sports clubs and their sports organization
  • Council and Coaching for parents: to facilitate communication, decision-making, training and the
  • Management and mental preparation for athletes
  • Team Building and Coaching
  • Team Coaching
We distinguish three sectors that meet the specific needs of our customers:

We currently offer :

- Holiday Tennis camps :
Want to learn or improve your skills in tennis? Sign up for LETZServ courses during the school holidays.
All the players will work hard on their fitness and tennis, all in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere!

For international top athletes:

- Fitness training:
  • Laurent Carnol (swimming)
  • Jean-François Schneiders (swimming)
  • Hugo Arellano (rally sports)
  • Gilles Muller(tennis)

- Specific tennis training and coaching during competitions of Gilles Muller
For training of athletes of all ages who wish to pursue competitive sports:

- Comprehensive full-time education:
  • physical preparation
  • specific tennis training
  • mental preparation
  • coaching during competitions

- Additional training to a club or a sports federation
- Advanced training courses
For the health of everybody. For every age and skill level:

- Tennis course individually or with a partner

- Tailor-made personal coaching

- Planning and tracking of the race preparation (e.g. beginners, half marathon and marathon)