At LETZServ we apply the mantra : sport for anyone at his level, but quality for everyone!
Whether it is a swimmer preparing the Olympic Games or a forty-year-old preparing a half marathon with a friend, whether it is a tennis player preparing for a Grand Slam or a 6 year old girl who wants to learn how to serve like her daddy: LETZServ wants to promote all of its athletes.

Through its demanding professionals, LETZServ offers services that are tailored to the needs of the customers and sets the goals and steps with them. To offer high-quality services is a daily challenge to which the entire LETZServ team committed itself with passion and enthusiasm.

Key elements and values around which we have built our company and which we want to convey through our activities are the following:

  • professionalism
  • a vision and long-term training an development of the athletes
  • the regular reevaluation of the goals so that they match the progress of the athlete
  • enthusiasm in the effort: one progresses more with a smile
  • self-confidence
  • team spirit
  • the desire to give everyone the chance to fully exploit its potential
  • serenity, which comes as the fruit of the efforts